Missions & Outreach

Outreach, mission, and evangelism best describe The Board of Outreach and Mission. The Board takes as its primary responsibility the motivation, education, and organization of the members of Faith Lutheran Church in such a manner as to be an effective force in spreading the Good News (Matthew 28:19).

In order to accomplish this mission the Board equips the congregation with the tools and provides the opportunities to effectively witness God’s love in word and deed (Ephesians 4:11-12). The Board initiates Faith’s welcoming procedures through direct meetings, greeters, follow up phone calls, and seeks to integrate new members into active membership and involvement into congregational life. The Board also oversees the administration of Faith’s Mission of the Month program. Through this program local, national, and international organizations send their representatives to Faith in order to educate the congregation on what they are doing in their specific ministries to those in need. In addition the Board is responsible for planning mission trips that allow congregational members to participate in on site mission work. Over the years Faith has sent members to Vietnam, Belize, and Guatemala. We are continually praying and seeking for Jesus to open new opportunities for us to go out and witness with Him. Outreach, mission, and evangelism this is what we do.