Education Notes for October

As print space is always limited, and Jonathan has been extremely busy and has lots to talk about, we thought that we would try expanding on a few things from The Voice here!

Thank you for all the Rally Day support!  Over 100 people participated!  A special thank you to the volunteers who made it happen – Brad Hazlett, Jo Treglown, Joann Johnson, Jan Nuhrenberg, Kurt Johnson, Pastor Treglown, Jason & Rocio Lunski, Rowe and Michelle Hudson, and everyone else who prayed, cleaned, or helped out in some way!  (Little Cesar voice) Thank you, thank you! 

Sunday School is transforming! Due to a lack of teachers, Sunday School needs to be different. We are playing with the format, the Sunday School team is working on what it will look like. I can tell you it will be fun, memorable, and hopefully sustainable.  Check out our blog for more information as it becomes available or join us Sunday mornings at 10ish to see it live!

There is still room and time to sign up for Ministry Architects listening session. Contact Jonathan – [email protected] 239-272-1735

Thank you to the Crafters who helped design our new Lambs of Faith Verse of the week sign, if you see a Crafter, say thank you! Then check out the new sign between the fellowship hall and the discipleship room!