Shepherd’s Voice Correction

If you were a bit confused when you got to the end of Pastor Treglown’s article in the January issue of The Voice, you were not alone. We forgot to include the websites that Pastor had mentioned with plans for reading the bible in the year. Here are the links along with a corrected version of the article.

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The Shepherd’s Voice. January 2014

What a goooooooal!

I heard from a friend out in California who has set a goal for himself. Although, he loves soccer this is more of striving to reach an accomplishment. He wants to read the entire Bible in 2014. He wanted to know, how does one go about preparing for, starting, and finishing this goal.

My answer is something that I pray you all would consider this New Year of 2014.

Dear Friend in Christ,

I am so thrilled to hear that you have set as a goal to read the entire Bible this coming year. I believe it is something all Christians should strive for at least once in their lifetime. First of all, pray that the Holy Spirit would increase your interest in reading God’s Word.

Second, I would encourage you to get a translation that you understand. It sounds like you have already gotten a Bible that is easy to read and communicates in a way that you would enjoy.

Third, be prepared that Scripture does not answer all of life’s questions! This is an erroneous belief. It does answer many important questions and eternal questions, but not all questions.

It will not answer, who your children should marry (although it talks about choosing a spouse and who NOT to marry); it does not tell you what type of car to drive (although some see it as being a stewardship and environmental issue, Scripture does discuss those); it does not tell you what job or profession to pursue (although it does talk about talents and gifts).

My point is that God’s Word can help us learn more of our Heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the Comforter – The Holy Spirit and can help us also to lead Godly lives, but many issues are learned by seeing it as a whole work and not as an answer book. The more you read it, the more you will see God’s Hand in creating it as a whole to make your life more whole.

God’s blessings on your Christian Growth!

Pastor Don Treglown

P.S. If you want to make this a goal for yourself or family this year check out the following websites or contact the Faith Lutheran Church Office for a 52 Week Bible Reading Plan. What a Gooooal!

Pastor Don Treglown