LCMS needs 45 missionaries for Africa by Summer 2015. Is God calling You?

The Rev. Dan McMiller remembers how he felt as a new missionary at age 29, adjusting to life in Peru: “excited,” “very committed” and “idealistic,” but also “very cautious,” “overwhelmed” and “surrounded by peculiar things.”

There were odd foods, like baked guinea pig (yes, he ate it) and unfamiliar customs, such as men greeting women with a kiss on the right cheek (he did that, too).

The Rev. Dan McMiller, right, poses with his "hero," Pastor Fidel Convercio Carrera, second from left, and two soldiers in 1987 in Pacllon, Peru. Carrera was "one of our first ordained Peruvians" and continued his ministry even in the face of terrorist attacks and threats to his life, said McMiller, a former missionary to Peru.  Even though missionary service can be difficult, it also can be "the most rewarding time of your life," McMiller says. (Timothy Erickson)

But he wouldn’t trade those 14 years of overseas service — what he considered “a huge privilege” — for anything, he says, because the experiences taught him so much about life in a different culture as well as “the beauty of gathering with people around the Word and sacraments” and seeing “all of those [cultural] differences swept aside.”

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Needed now: 45 missionaries for Africa | LCMS News & Information.