Attention music lovers!

Here’s some information from our Director of Music, Paula Leighton, regarding an upcoming organ recital that she will be participating in.

The sometimes annual “members recital” of the Southwest Florida American Guild of Organists(A.G.O.) will be held next Friday evening, Feb. 6, at 7 pm at Grace Lutheran Church in Naples.

I have participated in this event in past years, but never tried to “gather support” for attendance, because they were held quite a distance away. (Sanibel, North Fort Myers, etc.etc.)

This time, however, it is right here in Naples. As I am currently an officer of the Guild, I thought that I might do a little promotion to you all, and I guess I would love to have a little “support” group from Faith Lutheran in attendance, if any of you are interested.

There are 7 of us playing — including John Fenstermaker, Ric Jaeggi, Jonathan Birner and two other full-time, life-long, professionals with impressive degrees and resumes. Norm Libby (he has played duets with me a couple of times at Faith) and I are the participants with lesser academic credentials — but no less enthusiasm!! (I think what I’m trying to say here is that there will be some really impressive organ playing – folks who have played at the Phil in the Organ Festival, etc.)

So – there you have it. Program will be about an hour long, and there will be a little reception afterwards. 

My Rick will be there, and would like to have some company!

Thanks – Paula