Advent 2017

There is nothing more distinct and wonderful a mystery than Who we Christians believe in:  The Triune God.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Three distinct Persons, and yet at the same time unfathomably ONE GOD.  Throughout history many have tried to explain this reality, but each and every attempt only amounts to speaking in metaphors (i.e. St. Patrick and the 3-leaf clover).  They all fall short in some way or another.

We can’t explain it.  Quite the humdinger really.

But what stands alone is the fact that this doesn’t ever negate the Truth that there is only ONE GOD in existence and yet Three Persons.  The temptation will always be there for us…we want to know how this is possible…we want to understand how this can be true…we want a definitive answer we can point to at anytime like a formula and say for our own comfort:  “This is how there are Three Persons and only ONE GOD.”  But we don’t have one.  And that’s ok!  It’s THE simple truth, nothing more, and certainly nothing less than that.  God is Who He is (cf. Exodus 3:14) and that’s all we need.

For indeed, this ONE GOD is all about us being His own prized children, and the Bible is God’s Story proclaiming all the great lengths He went and continues to go to secure a relationship with each and everyone of us.  We see it carried out from the Father, by the Son, and through the Holy Spirit.  It is a beautiful and blessed mystery to confess our faith in the Triune God.

This Advent series is all about us, God’s people, getting swept up in this ONE STORY and marveling at our God’s never failing mercy, grace, love, kindness towards everything He created.  Most especially us!

Come for worship.  Gather together.  Be captured and captivated.  Get caught up in GOD’s STORY.  You are in it.

Advent Soup and Sandwich Meal 5:30 PM

Advent Worship 6:30 PM

12/6 – God the Father ; 12/13 – God the Son ; 12/20 – God the Holy Spirit