Mission of the Month – April 2018

Pelican Community Center and Lutheran Church

The Pelican Lutheran Mission exists to further the Kingdom of Heaven by starting Lutheran Churches. “Starting Churches” means it is a Word & Sacrament Ministry.  Its plan since 2016 has been to begin 3 congregations with Community Centers within seven years. In the past 14 months, one congregation has started and are working toward self-sustainability.  The next church should begin within the year about 5 miles to Pelican’s east.  The next may be 3-5 miles north of that.

While every church will have a strong outlet for mercy work/expressing the faith, the primary purpose is to share the saving message of free forgiveness in Jesus Christ so that people may share in the hope, joy, purpose and salvation of our Risen Savior.

As an experienced Mission Developer in both the United States and Perú, Pastor Mark Eisold knows that the Lord will do it again to the glory of His Name.

You may wonder why the name Pelican. According to legend, the pelican would draw its own blood in time of famine in order to feed its young. When God Himself came to earth in human form (Jesus) to shed His blood in order to save His Children (believers in Jesus), the Pelican became a natural symbol for Jesus – the Eternal God, Savior, & Redeemer of the world – who sacrificed his own blood & life to save all who believe in Him!