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July Mission of the Month – Echo Global Farm

God’s Word tells us to feed the hungry and make disciples of all nations, but how do we follow these commands? By partnering with ECHO, you can be the hands and feet of Christ to the undernourished.

ECHO is a Christian non-profit organization that equips missionaries and development workers worldwide to combat hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. ECHO actively investigates, teaches, and promotes solutions to agricultural problems and seeks innovative ways to grow food in difficult conditions.

Offering practical, hands-on agricultural training, so that families can be equipped to help themselves out of poverty, is key to ECHO’s work. For over 35 years, ECHO has been bringing lasting solutions to families and communities struggling against overwhelming circumstances to provide enough food for themselves. Through our Global Demonstration Farm in North Fort Myers, our Regional Impact Centers in Thailand, Tanzania and Burkina Faso, and our team serving Latin America and the Caribbean, ECHO offers training, information and seeds to improve crop production and reduce hunger for those in greatest need.

Many countries where physical needs are intense are also places of great spiritual need with little access to gospel witness. In these places, ECHO works with local pastors and missionaries, equipping them to address the physical needs of their community and opening the door to bear witness of Christ’s love.

Through online resources, ECHO shares information with thousands of missionaries and development workers working in more than 165 countries. A missionary in Haiti sent his heart-felt appreciation….”ECHO, with its conferences, workshops and website has been a tremendous asset. My ministry would be floundering if not for the resources available to us. What I share is what I have learned at or through ECHO.  If I look back over the years and see where we are today compared to where we were and how we got here, I am grateful that God led us to ECHO.”

And we are grateful to be Faith Lutheran’s Mission of the Month. We invite you to consider these ways to join with us in answering God’s call to help the hungry:

Tour – Explore our Global Demonstration Farm in North Fort Myers where you’ll see a variety of rare and nutritious plants while also learning more about ECHO’s mission to reduce world hunger. Shopping in our retail nursery also helps to support our mission!

Volunteer – Bring a church work team or serve individually at ECHO’s Global Farm in North Fort Myers.

Give – Provide seeds and equip missionaries through your financial partnership.

Pray – Ask God to continue to bless our mission to serve the ‘least of these’ and protect our staff who are often serving in volatile and remote areas of the world.

For more information on how to get involved please visit