August Mission of the Month


Concordia International School Hanoi (Viet Nam) is one of three pre-K – 12 Lutheran international schools that were all founded by the Lutheran church Missouri Synod to provide an American style education for expat families in Viet Nam. The other two sister schools of Concordia Hanoi are Concordia International School Shanghai (founded in 1998) and Hong Kong International School (founded in 1966). (Jim Handrich, a member of our congregation, served as principal at Hong Kong International School for twenty-four years and he will show a brief video and speak about Concordia Hanoi for the Mission Moment at our four worship services on August 10 and 11.) 

Why did we select Concordia Hanoi as our August Mission of the Month? While both of our Lutheran International Schools in Shanghai and Hong Kong are self-sufficient through tuition and their own local fund raising, Concordia Hanoi is very new (2010) and still needs church support as they complete their new high school building and assume the related expenses for equipping it. We also chose Concordia Hanoi because a mission team of members from our congregation, led by Pastor Treglown, provided service and care in Hanoi during the summer of 2012. So, we at Faith have had a heart for mission and ministry in Hanoi and it’s good to see students and teachers from Concordia Hanoi carry out some of those very same things each year during their service learning programs. 

Concordia Hanoi has 88 on the faculty and staff and a student body of 490, coming from all over the world. After graduation, many of their high school students attend universities in the US. Because Viet Nam is a communist country and prohibits the direct teaching of religion, it is a challenging place for communicating in words the love of Jesus and our Christian faith. However, it is the very place where the deeds of our ministry and service speak volumes of our love and care for the people of Viet Nam and for the families Concordia Hanoi serves. Indeed, given its context, Hanoi is just the right place for our Lutheran church to have a school that serves children and families from all over the world. 

Take a look at the August Mission of the Month bulletin board, as well as their web site,, for pictures of the campus, students and more information. Thank you for supporting Concordia Hanoi, our August Mission of the Month.