What you need to know about live stream services


There have been a few questions asked regarding how to access live streams of services and other resources as we make our way through this unprecedented time together.

We are currently broadcasting services on Sunday morning at 10AM and Wednesday evening at 6:30PM. These broadcasts can be accessed via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/flcnaples. You do not need to have a facebook account to view the stream. Just go to that page and the video will be there. If you are unavailable at the actual time of service, the video will be available to view a few minutes after the service is finished.

We are creating bulletins, both regular and children’s version, for those that would like them. These can be accessed via the resources tab at the top of our webpage under “Newsletters”.¬†When you click on one of the bulletin links you will see a PDF file that you can view on your computer or print at home. This is a nice resource as it will allow you to follow along with the hymns and scriptures just as if you were at church.

If you would like to subscribe to our email list you can do so in the footer of every page on www.flcnaples.com. That same footer also contains a link for online giving.

This is a difficult time for all of us and we sincerely hope that these measures will create a sense of comfort and familiarity for all of you.

In Christ,

FLC Naples