Important Announcement


We are planning to re-open Faith Lutheran Church to worship services on Saturday May 16 at 5pm and Sunday May 17 8am, 9:15am, 11am.

Below are a few points to help ensure a safe and successful reopening of the church.

  • Please stay home if you are sick, experiencing symptoms of any kind, are immunocompromised, or are at greater risk of contagion for any reason.
  • Please plan your attendance carefully and bring your own protection such as hand sanitizers, gloves, and masks. We are encouraging the wearing of masks.
  • Sit in the designated areas only. Specific pews will be marked for each service. Others will be roped off
  • Please use the main East Front Doors to enter and exit. We will be propping these doors open to eliminate touch points.
  • We are still providing one service per week via live-streaming. This Sunday will feature our 9:15am Praise Service. To access go to:

We greatly look forward to being able to worship together again. See you at church!