Mission of the Month


Lambs of Faith is the Mission of the Month for September.  Check out the bulletin board in the Hall with pictures of the teachers and the students.  We have some new teachers this year.

We were extremely happy to be able to open school on Tuesday, September 8th for the 2020-2021 year. We don’t have as many students as in previous years which is a good thing in a way as fewer students makes Social Distancing easier. Children ages 2-5 don’t need to wear masks, but teachers will wear them and make use of face shields when necessary.

We have also hired an additional person who’s sole job is to assist in cleaning and sanitizing.  This person will work  the same hours as the preschool and will follow CDC guidelines for disinfecting and keeping the environment as safe as we can for the students and teachers.

Please keep Lambs of Faith in your prayers……

More info on Lambs of Faith Preschool is located right on this site by clicking on the education tab above or simply following this link. They would love to hear from any and everyone that has a child that they might like to enroll.