Mission of the Month – Tirzah Krey


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ at Faith Lutheran Church,

Greetings from the Dominican Republic where it is hot, humid, and full of Jesus’ love.  Here in the Dominican we are a relatively new LCMS mission, roughly 15 years old. That being said, our missionaries have been hard at work and we currently have 5 churches, 5 preaching stations, two schools, a mercy home for young adults with disabilities and a mercy center attached to our seminary which opened in 2017. While in the world of missions our work here in the DR is new, I am even newer! I arrived in February of 2020 to a world about to be affected by a pandemic. Needless to say, while my work here is temporarily different than I anticipated, I am still enjoying it. As the human care coordinator for our entire Latin American and Caribbean Region (LAC), a large part of my role is to care for our missionaries. That includes over 40 missionaries and their families, serving in 10 different countries. I care for them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This can see me going on hospital trips for local missionaries, answering medical questions and often advocating for our missionaries in a variety of ways. This also includes pointing them to many resources we have, especially for spiritual care. As a nurse by vocation, I love to care for people, and this position is certainly right up my alley. In addition to caring for missionaries, I go on visitations with seminary and deaconess students and pastors to members of our communities and congregations.

It is amazing that we are able to not only care for those in spirit, but as a nurse, I can assist in providing physical care as well. Unfortunately, with covid many of our activities have halted physically but continue via virtual platforms. In the meantime, I continue to work virtually preparing health education pieces and health events for our local communities and working every day to improve my Spanish and understanding of the culture. This August, I began my studies as a deaconess in the distance program through Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne. As a distance program, all classes are virtual except for a couple intensive classes each year. I ask for prayers as I embark on this journey which will surely aid me in better serving those I work with here in the Dominican!

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I look forward to sharing more with you all soon.
God’s peace be with you,
Tirzah Krey