Organ update


The construction phase of the new organ project has been completed. It was a long but exciting week to see the contractors remove all of the old speakers, redesign the speaker chambers, install and wire the new speakers, and build the new grill cloth fabric placements. 

On the first day the contractors quickly went to work to remove the old speakers and old speaker wires. This took an entire day and half because of massive weight of some of the speakers. We were also quite shocked to see some of the speakers with extensive water damage. Once all of the old components were removed, the contractors began their work to redesign the chambers in which the speakers would be placed. They had to create enough space to accommodate 12 more speakers on the back wall of the loft. 

On the second day, while some of the members of contractor’s team was cutting out the new framework of the speaker chambers for the backwall, the other builders shifted their focus to install and mount the ten chancel speakers which live on the backside of the arched wall, facing the keystone wall. Once all of the chancel speakers were in place, they began to place the 4000+ feet of new wires for all of the new speakers. 

On the third day, the final 28 new speakers arrived at our church, ready for installation and placement in the new speakers. Over a literal ton of weight of speakers were placed and wired up, ready for the new organ console when it arrives.

On the fourth day, the contractors began building the new frames for the grill cloth fabric. They also reinforced some weak points which were found in the original chamber framework to accommodate the new speakers. Once everything was reinforced, they painted all of the chambers black to help “hide” the new components and open areas behind the new grill cloths.

On the fifth and sixth days, the contractors continued their work to finish building the grill cloth frames, wrapping the frames in the new grill cloth fabric, and doing some final reinforcements to the speaker chamber framework. By the later portion of the sixth day, we were all working together to place and lock the new grill cloth frames, resulting in a beautiful and uniform wall. No longer will you see any “individual” windows or speaker chambers. Everything is consistent and flat, to make it look more modern and much cleaner.