Mission of the Month


Mission Nation Publishing is a five year old ministry to sensitize churches to the blessings God is giving us through missionaries coming to America. In five years eleven books have been published, six are biographies. The books teach about God’s love for all people. The picture St. John paints in Revelations 9:7 is of a  multi-ethnic heaven, “I saw a multitude from every nation, tribe and language, surrounding the throne of God…” Even though America is 59% white English speaking, the LCMS is 90% white English speaking. Our glass is half full. 

Mission Nation gives a voice to the new missionaries, so they are seen as human beings with the same challenges we all have – but who have come through fire, been refined, with courage, faith, and love beyond human understanding. They are gifts to the church. No one at Mission Nation is paid, but we have sold over two thousand  books  to Lutheran churches. Now we believe the Lord  is opening a door to share the books with children in Lutheran schools. Children are going to read many kinds of books; shouldn’t they read about God’s hand in bringing new people to Christ?

Bethany Szobody is a young mom in North Carolina. After a presentation I made about the books, Bethany purchased four biographies. When she returned home she said her eleven year old daughter, Myra, pulled The Despicable Missionary book out of her hands and could not put it down.

The book is about a Christian girl growing up in Pakistan, Julie Dass. The book shows what it was like to be Christian and a girl – in Pakistan – and how Julie came to forgive those who had persecuted her. The book teaches about different cultures, is good literature and shares the good news of God’s love for every ethnic group. It also shows the power of forgiveness to overcome ignorance and bullying. 

We have identified five schools in the Unites States for a nationwide project to test the books in the seventh and eighth grade classrooms of Lutheran schools. With the help of Faith Lutheran we want to supply books for the test project. We plan to send a total of two hundred and fifty books to the five churches at a cost of $4,000.

In the last century children read books about missionaries coming from America. Now the sons and daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters of those brought to Jesus overseas are being sent here, to strengthen the church. Children today have many options for books to read. We believe a Christian book that tells the story of God’s love and forgiveness should be one of those options.  

For more information please visit https://missionnationpublishing.com