Mission of the Month


Beginning back on the 4th of July, 2003 working with Homer Helter a mission was born.  Now, eighteen years later, Faith in Action Troop Care Package Ministries has reached a number of milestones:

  • 71.25 Tons sent International (Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, etc)
  • 15.50 Tons sent National (US Posts & Bases, USCG, Veteran Centers and Hospitals)
  • A Total of 86.75 Tons in Troop Care Packages has been packed and shipped
  • 183,408  Beanie Babies (Military Families  & Troops)
  • $70,010.03 Phone Cards from the sale of .25 Cents a Book Project

But more important than this is the number of prayers, devotion books, and Bibles that have been given to meet the spiritual needs of our Armed Forces.   

This 4th of July, we will be starting off a new Mission of the Month : Faith in Action

We are looking for donations of the following items to once again send out to our troops serving around the world.   The top items requested by the sailors and marines of the USS Iwo Jima are:

  1. Snack cakes
  2. Cheese crackers
  3. Cookies (Oreos are the favorite)
  4. Pretzels
  5. Candy  & Gum (Tootsie Rolls are a favorite)

These are just some of the suggestions received.   We will be collecting these items at the Mission of the Month table for the month of July to send out at the end of the month.