Lutheran World Relief


We are joining Lutheran World Relief to end this pandemic for everyone, everywhere.

More than a thousand people live under tarps in a dusty camp called Senou on the outskirts of Bamako, Mali’s capital city.

These families are the innocent bystanders of Mali’s ongoing war. When violence finally drove them from their homes in West Africa, often with nothing but the clothes on their backs, they found relative peace in this makeshift camp. But still, though shielded from gunfire, they are far from safe.

These families are living in one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. There are no jobs. There is no food, because there is no rain. Only the kindness of strangers keeps them alive.

Are safety, security and hope too much to ask? 

Senou resident Aisata Dicko has known untold suffering in her 40 years of life. The last straw was witnessing her 13-year-old son being killed by insurgents more than two years ago. Heartbroken, she grabbed her other children and fled central Mali, the only home they’ve ever known, to seek safety in the camp. 

Aisata’s family has so many needs as they struggle to survive day by day. The last thing they need is COVID-19. But she and her neighbors are not sure whether a COVID vaccine will ever reach them. After all, they often go a day or more without anything to eat. 

Our congregation can help.

Though many of us in the U.S. have begun to resume normal activities, the pandemic continues to affect poor and vulnerable communities who desperately need basics like food and water and an opportunity to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Will you reach out in love to help our neighbors? 

Our generosity will: 

  • Equip clinics to receive and store the vaccine. 
  • Train health care workers to coordinate vaccination campaigns. 
  • Provide essentials for survival, including masks, clean water and emergency food assistance. 

Our love, through Lutheran World Relief, will help to ensure the largest global health effort in human history reaches the dusty camps, poorest slums and most remote villages… Until your love reaches every neighbor. 

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