December Mission of the Month


Since its beginnings in 1939, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) has been serving people across the world in need of new homes and new communities. Originally formed to serve and resettle refugees from war-torn Europe, LIRS connected sponsoring Lutherans in the U.S. with Lutheran refugees in Germany. Following World War II, when one out of every six Lutherans in the world was a refugee or displaced person, Lutherans, with the participation of 6,000 congregations, resettled some 57,000 refugees in the United States. LIRS promotes works of mercy that flow from the Gospel. LIRS welcomes everyone – regardless of age, experience, country of origin, or faith.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service lives out the call to do the work of “Christ’s compassion, mercy, welcome, and passion for justice” through our core programs, developed to support vulnerable families, children, and immigrants, fleeing war, persecution, and unimaginable violence in search of a better life.

Today, our work takes many forms:

  • refugee resettlement, which involves everything from picking refugee families up at the airport to assisting them in finding jobs, enrolling their children in school, and taking English classes;
  • working closely with our network of partner organization to receive our Afghan neighbors and connect them with essential services like food, clothing, housing, school enrollment, and employment authorization;
  • reuniting families and caring for unaccompanied children;
  • advocacy on Capitol Hill to promote fair, humane immigration policy;
  • and work with faith communities such as yours to spread the word of welcome and offer opportunities for congregations and communities to connect to our refugee and immigrant neighbors.

Now is the time to take bold and courageous action in solidarity with migrants and refugees fleeing violence and persecution. Join LIRS in the work of welcome by advocating, volunteering, or making a gift today. Find them on the web at