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Kids & Youth

Our goal

To form and shape the youth at Faith in the love and mind of Christ. 

In our mission, we seek to: create a community of young believers in Christ, cultivate faithful Christian relationships with others, and commission disciple making.


2 - PreK
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade
3rd Grade - 6th Grade
Confirmation - 7th and 8th Grade
High School - 9th through 12th Grade

Teaching Philosophy

God’s Word is living, breathing, and active.  Every time we hear and read it God is working in us His life saving gift of faith.
In our teaching and sharing Holy Scripture we trust above all things for God to do His thing:  start, sustain, and shape our faith.
As we do, we believe that the key to interpreting Scripture is Christ Himself.  All of God’s Word points us to Christ Jesus and that is what we seek to do when we gather together in His Word, bring all who read and hear to their loving Savior Jesus Christ.