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The Voice of Faith


Save The Date - Ordination
    06.30.24 | Articles | General

    On Sunday July 21st, Faith Lutheran Church will celebrate the Ordination of Pastor Owen Duncan.  The Service will be held in the Sanctuary at 3pm.  After the Service we would like to welcome Pastor Duncan and his wife Evangeline...

    Prayer Matters July 2024
      06.30.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Ron Mitchell

      In many of these Prayer Matters articles, we’ve shared testimonies of personal prayers being answered.  While it’s true they may not always be answered in our way and in our time, they are always answered in His way and in His...

      Stop For Just A Moment
        06.02.24 | Articles | Prayer Matters | by Janet Guenther

        On days when so many things race through your mind, that you can hardly grasp one thought long enough to think it through...Yes, STOP. Give yourself permission to sit back and take a breath. We need to step away from our mental busyness and our...

        Prayer Matters May 2024
          05.01.24 | Prayer Matters | by Susan Taylor

          Because we believe prayer matters, members of Faith Lutheran Church volunteer to write the monthly “Prayer Matters” article for the Voice.  I chose May because it is my birthday month.  I love gifts and I know how generous...

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