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The Voice of Faith


    11.01.22 | The Shepherd's Voice | by Don Treglown

    Over the next few weeks, families around the United States will prepare to gather with family, eat turkey, and perhaps partake in some shopping. The problem is that there is not a lot of factual information from the first...

      11.01.22 | The Shepherd's Voice | by Sam Maconachy

      In God’s great redemption story, the Lord Himself never ceases to pursue His people and draw all of them unto Himself. One of the great promises the Lord makes is that His very presence is with us. It is the strong undercurrent that...

        10.02.22 | Articles | The Shepherd's Voice | by Sam Maconachy

        “gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.” In God’s great story of all things, His Word, we see time and time again the Lord buying back / redeeming His people.  Grand moments in the Old Testament...

        Meet Your Council (part 3)
          10.02.22 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

          Board of Women of Faith Director Mary Ellen Martin – this Board fosters fellowship and spiritual growth among the women of Faith Lutheran Church, planning events to support various missions and community needs, and managing various craft...

          September 2022 General Update
            09.04.22 | Articles | Lambs of Faith | General

            An Invitation to all Youth and Families As school and work schedules settle back in, we are looking ahead into October for a formative and fun opportunity for all of our youth and their families.  Every Sunday afternoon from 3:30 - 5:30 PM...

            Meet Your Council (continued)
              09.04.22 | Articles | General | by Ron Mitchell

              Board of Elders Director - Jim West: This Board is responsible for the physical, spiritual and professional life of the Pastor(s). The Director presides at all meetings of the Board and ensures they are conducted in an orderly and Christlike...

              Who Are You?
                09.04.22 | Articles | The Shepherd's Voice | by Don Treglown

                That may sound like an odd question. Have you ever thought about, or made a list to try to answer this question? You and I if we took the time could come up with an entire page , or two, of singled spaced answers from Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa...